Nándor Szalma
Software Engineer
This page only contains fields that I spent some quality time with.
You can find a sort of self-measure on the right. Red means I'm a beginner on the field while green means that I'm confident about my skills. A lof of my older project weren't documented online but I try to provide references wherever I can.

Last updated: June 29, 2020
Programming skills
General Skills References Self-rating
Object-­Oriented Programming 3D mapper robot
Version control (Git) 3D mapper robot
Extended SteamGifts
Exception handling
Efficient debugging
Regular expressions StackOverflow Answers
Markdown, BB code
Sync/Async development
SQL, Database management
API calls
Computer Science Areas References Self-rating
Computer Graphics 3D mapper robot
Computer Vision
Robotics 3D mapper robot
Industrial Applications
Math References Self-rating
Trigonometry in 2D and 3D
Matrix transformations 3D mapper robot
Complex numbers
C++ References Self-rating
Modern C++ (11, 14, 17, 20) 3D mapper robot
Cross platform development
CMake 3D mapper robot
Shader programming: GLSL, OpenCL kernels 3D mapper robot
Socket programming 3D mapper robot
Multithreading 3D mapper robot
OpenGL 3D mapper robot | Skeletal animation
Vulkan 3D mapper robot
Javascript References Self-rating
Userscripts (Browser addons) Extended SteamGifts
Web development References Self-rating
Full stack development
JQuery, AJAX
Responsive design
Database integration
CRON jobs
Domain, e-mail, https
HTTP protocol
IDEs References Self-rating
Visual Studio 2013+
Visual Studio Code
Arduino IDE
Processing IDE
Others References Self-rating
Pawn language
MIT App Inventor
Electronics skills
Embedded devices References Self-rating
Arduino Pneumatics controller
Single Board Computers 3D mapper robot
C, C++, µPython
I2C, UART, SPI interface
PLC References Self-rating
Omron PLC
Ladder and structured text
Sequential control
Touchscreen interface
PID controller
PCB design References Self-rating
Autodesk Eagle
Manual / auto routing
Through hole soldering 3D mapper robot
Pneumatics controller
Circuit design References Self-rating
Op amplifiers
Microcontrollers Pneumatics controller
Digital electonics
Spoken Languages References Self-rating
Hungarian (mother tounge)
English (fluent, professional language)
Spanish (beginner)
CAD References Self-rating
Autodesk Fusion 360 Anet A8 UpgradesNot enough experience
Image editing References Self-rating
Cutting, rotating, resizing images
Applying filters
3D printing References Self-rating
Operation I own an Anet A8 printer