Nándor Szalma
Software Engineer
OpenGl Skeletal animation
Jun 22, 2020
A small graphics demo showing off skeletal animation implemented in OpenGl. The spider can be moved via the arrow keys. There is a free camera implemented with quaternions and a third person camera attached to the spider. The demo also features a text renderer.
Voxel based 3D mapping
Feb 9, 2020
We built a robot that is able to map the environment in 3D using the built in sensors. It can be remote controlled using the keyboard, tracks It's own position and orientation and able to navigate through the environment.
Pneumatic controller with Arduino
Jun 1, 2018
This was a small project I did for a friend. He needed an automated way to feed fishes in a lake. The circuit keeps track of the time even after a power outage using a Real-Time Clock. The LCD is used to configure the time points when to start the feeding sequence, set the time, and set up the timings between steps. The relay module receives the control signals from the Arduino then translates It into 24V signals for the valves which control the pistons.
Procedural open world game
Sep 1, 2017
This is my first approach to a serious project in C++. The idea is that you can run around in a computer-generated world, kill monsters, meet other players and build a base to protect your belongings. The presented game was built on the object-oriented model, runs multiple threads to perform different tasks, uses shaders to improve the visual experience and has an isometric graphics(2.5D). I was using CMake to ensure easy port to Linux based systems on completion.